About Us

SWaMP2008 is one of three sub-regional waste management groups created to more effectively manage Northern Ireland’s waste. The Partnership was originally called SWaMP when it was formed in 2000 and changed its name to SWaMP2008 following formal incorporation in August 2008.

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SWaMP2008 was established in response to Article 23 of the Waste and Contaminated Land (NI) Order 1997, which states that Councils must produce effective waste management plans.

It represents a combined population of 539,168 (29% of the population)* and a combined area of 6,763 square km (48% of the total area of Northern Ireland).

By working in collaboration, the eight Councils which make up SWaMP2008 are better able to share resources, develop cost efficiencies and provide a more comprehensive service to their ratepayers.

* Calculated from NI Census NISRA population estimates for 2013, 2006-BASED POPULATION PROJECTIONS.